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Get a detailed report on end-to-end performance of one of your key applications – offer closes 31st March!

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NTT Communications, the leading experts in Application Performance Management (APM), is offering a free and *fully managed health check of ONE of your key applications using the AppDynamics analysis software.

By simply completing the request form on this page, you can book your detailed analysis of an application and have delivered a comprehensive report to help you gain valuable insights across numerous analytics which focus on reducing cost and risk, avoiding issues, optimization, root cause diagnosis, supporting a transition, expansion, and simply better management all round.

Simply complete the registration form at the bottom of this page …and we will do the rest.



Why Run a Health Check on Your Application?

  • Identify the existing logical and physical topology of the application – useful for customers looking at re-platforming or migrating to a Cloud Service Provider
  • Identify and visualize existing end-to-end application performance baselines and understand performance at peak transaction times
  • Identify when applications deviate from “normal performance” at code-level depth with minimal overhead
  • Identify potential performance impact on new application code releases before they go into production
  • Discover application topology and interdependencies, and trace key business transactions based on production application behavior

Answering Your Questions…

  • The health check works with either on-premises or cloud-hosted applications
  • No changes to any of your code are required
  • The “agent” that we install to monitor your application has no impact on performance or throughput
  • Run it on either a production or a development system without negative impact



* Batteries Included: This is a fully managed service. NTT Com’s qualified technicians will assist you with all aspects of the health check from selecting the right application, loading the monitoring agent on your server, collecting the data, to a final “walk through” of the findings in a detailed documented report – totally free of charge.


Trusted by…

The NTT Offer

This health check is open to all enterprises that develop and run their own applications but is specifically valuable to those that handle on-line customer transactions. Examples being travel, retail or banking, but also will benefit the majority of teams responsible for complex applications. The offer is open to registrations until 31st March 2017 and includes management by a fully trained and certified technician. The offer includes:

1. A 30-day license of AppDynamics including all modules and full functionality

2. Assistance from a certified AppDynamics trained technician from installation of the monitoring agent through to trial completion

3. A comprehensive AppDynamics report on the health of your application

4. A personal “walk through” of the results to help you to interpret the data from your application


* Important Note: A free trial is also available directly from the AppDynamics website for download. The value add here is that the duration is 30 days (rather than 15 days from AppDynmamics) – PLUS the entire evaluation process is managed and supported by qualified technicians, from the loading of the software agent to a walk through of the findings in the application analysis report at the end. This does not, however, include consultancy advice on optimization improvements or corrective actions, which is an additional service available on request.

A Detailed Report

We will auto-discover transactions, dynamic baselining, and carry out code-level diagnostic to ensure rapid issue identification and resolution to maintain an ideal user experience.

Why we use AppDynamics

NTT Communications has been partnering with AppDynamics for over five years. Oscar Garcia, our Chief Operating Officer talks about the benefits of AppDynamics and how this software solution is able to find the root cause of performance issues.

Keeping it Simple…

1. Select a suitable application for testing

2. Read and understand the terms and conditions from AppDynamics for the trial – see “Good to Know” section

3. Fully complete the registration form on this page (before the closing date: 31st March 2017)

4. Await contact from a representative of NTT Communications (within 24 business hours)

5. They will then assist you to load the software monitoring agent on your system

6. Wait for 28 days while the software agent collects all the data on your application

7. You will then be contacted to schedule an on-line meeting over the web to walk you through the findings in the report


Important Information

  • Dates of the offer:  New registrations can be received between 22nd September 2016 to midday on 31st March 2017.
  • No application code changes are required to deliver this service.
  • The health check is designed to run in the majority of Applications – easy to deploy monitoring tools with a light touch, that will not impact a production application.
  • Upon receipt of your registration form, NTT Communications will inspect the application that you wish to analyze.  If the amount of agents that needs to be installed is substantial, we reserve the right in our sole discretion to define a more reduced scope and we will discuss this with you before proceeding any further.
  • The application server and machine software agents collect metrics that relate to the performance, health and resource of an application. The data collected is systems data and does not normally include any confidential or commercially valuable information.  See section 11 of the terms for more information on this topic.
  • By default, the metrics data is remotely stored in a Data Center in the USA. If this arrangement is unacceptable, please mention this on the registration form provided and we will endeavor to accommodate your requirements.

Terms & Conditions:

Before using AppDynamics lite, Nodetime, AppDynamics pro on a limited trial basis or any other products that may be made available by AppDynamics on an evaluation or early access basis, or otherwise, under these terms (as applicable, whether downloaded or available online, the “software”), please read this evaluation end user license agreement (this “Evaluation EULA”), which constitutes a binding and executed written agreement between the company of which you are a duly authorized employee or agent as the party accessing the software (“end user”) and Appdynamics, inc. (“AppDynamics”). Terms and conditions for the free trial of AppDynamics software can be found here. Note: The Standard terms is 15 days, however, this trial via NTT Communications is 30 days.

NTT Legal notices for web visitors from Europe can be found here

NTT Legal notices for web visitors from USA can be found here


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